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Repair Kits

P.E.R.K.-The Professional Emergency Repair Kit

Choose from TWO different kits.  The PERK 6 includes 6 front teeth.  The PERK 28 includes 28 denture teeth.  Enough teeth to replace ANY tooth in a full set of dentures.


 Order now and receive $2.00 off your repair kit.  Offer expries 10/11/08



Professional Emergency Denture Repair Kit

with 6 or 28 Professional Denture Teeth!

You choose!

*Achieve professional results at home until you can see a dentist--guaranteed!!

*Registerd with the FDA!!   SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!

**Repairs will last for several months!

**Enough material to make several emergency repairs!

  • PERK is the only emergency denture repair kit that comes with *28* PROFESSIONAL DENTURE TEETH, or purchase the PERK 6 kit with 6-front, professional denture teeth.
  • Replaces ANY tooth if an emergency would occur. 
  • You will receive the most popular size and color of denture teeth used. 
  • All teeth can be exchanged for free of charge if our teeth are not compatible to what you have now.  Just mail them back and state: bigger, smaller, lighter or darker, and we will mail your new ones right out to you with free shipping. 
  • You will also receive instructions and enough repair material to fix dozens of broken or cracked dentures and plenty left to replace missing teeth. 
  • This kit should be kept on hand by all denture wearers because a broken or cracked denture or missing tooth can cause embarrassing situations. 
  • Save money in an emergency until you can see your dentist.


Shipped same or next day via post office, First Class Mail.  Contact me for Priority or Express shipping!  [email protected]

Product sold by Perma Laboratories.  In business since 1986 selling denture products via mail.

Registered with the FDA

***30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.  Just return empty containers for a full refund.  No questions asked.

Suggestions for Use: According to the FDA, this product and ALL over-the-counter or in-home use denture repair kits are to be considered for emergency repairs only until a dentist can be seen

 P.E.R.K. 28, includes 28 denture teeth, ONLY $27.95 plus $3 s/h

Price includes $2.00 off  

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P.E.R.K. with 6 front teeth:  17.95 plus $2 s/h

 Price includes $2.00 off

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